Welcome to Stephanie Rochelle and Relationship Rehab 

where we equip you in walking boldly in your New Normal.

 Don't like your life, Change it.

It's a DECISION.  Reinvent2020.  

Be open and trust the process.

 Learn from someone that has the education but also has experienced 

loss, disappointment and unmet expectations. 

I built a company solely based on My Story and My Skill. 

 Your story will make room for your Gift.

 Grow your Mindset, Change your Life. 


After I suffered major losses in life,  loss of my son and loss from divorce, I was in search of Peace.

On my journey to Peace, 

I realized I needed a system to follow in living out my new normal, 

so I developed an Intentional Life Strategy which will move you forward

 through the fears and failures of life 

that have you STUCK.

My strategies worked and in 2013 I met and then married  the love of my life, my prince charming

in September 2016.

We're living our Fairytale, promising to grow together,  change together, and never stop dating.

I want the same for you. When your happy in Life, Love and Business our job is complete.

Let's Talk further to see how I can support you in your journey to a Healthy Relationship with yourself or moving forward in creating Next Level Success.

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Ready for a Breakthrough!! Your story is your legacy blueprint to success!!! Your skill is worth Millions.  Two Intense Signature Courses.


Next Level Success 

How to Rebuild the Life you want with what you know.

The process is uncomfortable but the purpose is worth it. Everything you

want is on the other side of FEAR. It's time to Reset your Vision to Win. 

Grow your mindset, Change your Life and Get your NEXT LEVEL SUCCESS.

On my journey of reinvention.  I set out to do all things I knew God 

told me to do.  That's when I stopped procrastinating and completed my book.  

I'm a best-selling published amazon author. My book then made the way for Speaking engagements. The stage led me to being a Breakthrough Coach. That's when I  began to tell my story. My story of how I rebuilt my life after trauma and loss and how I became a resilient overcomer with my intentional strategies. The stage led me to becoming a Coach. 

Relationship Scars to Healthy Relationships

Restored relationships and a New You.

How to be good to someone that has not been good to you.

How to deal with disappointment or Unmet expectations.

Give what you want to Get what you want.

If you do work, things will change.  Mindset Matters.

Lead with Love, Everyday.


How to work with me or sign up for courses. Got more questions.  Email me: stephanierochelleconsulting@gmail.com  Don't Delay your Destiny.

Find me on social media: @Stephanie Rochelle Consulting

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